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Why choose Murrietta Circuits?

  • 31 years in providing design, manufacturing & assembly solutions.
  • We provide a full service solution: design, manufacturing, assembly and testing of all interposers and adapters is done inside our main facility.
  • Legacy products can still be supported.
  • Obsolete parts and footprints now have solutions.
  • Main board complexity can be greatly reduced.
  • Additional or custom features can be added to the interposer or adapter.
  • Purely custom solutions can be built around standardized templates.
  • We can provide a faster and less expensive solution.
  • We can provide the highest level of quality and service.
  • We use our own proven DFM standards for routing the most fine pitch BGA devices.
  • ISO9001 & AS9100 Certified

Why choose Murrietta Circuits

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