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DownloadsIts current President, Albert G. Murrietta, founded Murrietta Circuits in 1980 as a circuit board design service bureau. In 1983 he opened his first facility in Anaheim with approximately 2,000 square feet and a few employees. By 1984 the company received its first major financing, which was used to invest in leading edge computer workstations for the engineering and design of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

By 1987, with 12 employees and a growing business, Mr. Murrietta began plans to turn Murrietta Circuits into a full manufacturing company. With an additional round of financing and a move to a new facility, Murrietta Circuits officially entered the market for circuit board manufacturing in January 1989. After two financially difficult years, a turnaround was managed that saw seven years of 30%+ sales and earnings growth.

In 1996, the company expanded into circuit board assembly with the addition of automated pick-and-place equipment, reflow ovens and BGA rework stations, to completely handle a wide variety of technologies.

In 2002, Murrietta Circuits moved to its new facility in the Catellus Corporate center in Anaheim. The new building is 47,500 square feet and was specifically designed to house our PCB manufacturing and assembly divisions, along with the PCB design & engineering group.

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